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QuestionExpect a one million dollar bill at your door, for as much gym as you want to do, and as much junk food too. Answer


Hide it under the doormat right next to my spare Tesla model S key.

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QuestionWould you feel weird if people sent you money for stuff? Also, your tags are the best. Answer


Uhh….I don’t know.
That was never even a thought that had crossed my mind. I was just ranting and giving an update on my life happenings since so much has changed in a month.
I feel like I would have to do something in return…but holy crud that would be kind of neat.

You can’t see it but I got all shifty eyed and fidgety while I answered this.

Ps thanks! If I was on my computer I’d add a fantastic silly gif in place of tags but alas, I’m on mobile.

Sitting at a Barnes & Nobles Starbucks.
Yes, my internet addiction has come to this.
Browsing tumblr in public.
Right next to the door.
Wearing a shirt with a dinosaur vomiting a rainbow.

I’m also browsing Craig’s list for tables and couches. Which is silly because there’s no way I could a) afford either of those things currently and b) I drive a fucking beetle, how on earth would I be able to fit either of those things in my car.

Watched a child fall on the floor in a tantrum because her grandfather pierced her juice box when she wanted to do it.

Can I do an un-transformation picture? This hourglass has turned into a huge ass. Meh, it’ll get better.
I wish I could afford a gym membership. Oh well. I have other means of being active, I’m just being lazy.
Tbh I need to pay attention to what the fuck I’m eating. I made a deal with myself if I write down what I eat all week then I get to reward myself with proper coffee and a proper brewing system. (DISCLAIMER: I don’t give a shit about the calories. I know I eat when I’m bored and I eat when I’m emotional so I just need to pay the fuck attention to what I’m putting in my body)

Did I mention someone hit my car last week? When I was in the store some sausage-headed fucktard in a big truck with a trailer hitch backed into my car and drove off. How do I know it was a big truck with a trailer hitch? Because it was said trailer hitch that punched through my bumper and caused my left headlight to disconnect. No note, no nothing. The security guard in the area was less than helpful “maybe you should park closer to the security cameras” I hope a pigeon shits in your mouth, sir. So THATS awesome. Can’t afford to fix that right now. I’m so lucky that that is all that is damaged. Guess that means I just have to limit my night driving.

This girl got crafty as fuck last night and started to create a cat tree out of cardboard boxes and duct tape. Then I ran out of tape. I also need to glue some dowels in the corners to retain structure for the extra weight of the 10lb asshole that is my cat. It won’t be pretty but it’s something.

That’s pretty much it for right now… I may be poor, and I may not have much, and I may really miss my family and my friends on the west coast, and I may get lonely sometimes. But already I have a strong support system here and I am so, so much happier doing what I love to do.

Another morning, another unfortunate dose of instant coffee. Ew.

A favorite thing about oregonhannah is how I can ask/complain/rant/talk about Harry potter out of the blue and she’s totally down to listen. 😘

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QuestionI'm actually in Austin myself. How are you liking the DFW area? Answer

It’s great! I live kind of in the ghetto but my building has tenants that have been here awhile. They’re all friendly and we chat all the time. I learned today my 75 year old neighbor calls me the “sweet white girl at the end of the row”. Bahaha.



I love you Rock.

YAASSS Dwayne!

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I have a real bed! It’s a bit wonky (took a spin on the freeway & mayyy have gotten run over by a truck) but it’s here.

And I art-ed the shiiiit out of my house. Aka printed a buttload of pictures and they’re in frames.

And I have a lot of tortillas and beer.

And I have a wii I can play Mario kart on and some stupid sims African animals game and someday watch Netflix.

Slowly, this place is becoming a home.